Happy Colors

  • Coordination

  • Memory

  • Clasification

  • LogicAL Order


This application will teach your children the basic colors in English and Spanish. Happy Colors is the best way for your child to learn languages because it reinforces learning through audio/visual stimulation in a fun and interactive way!

Your child will be able to see, touch, and listen to how the respective color is spelled and pronounced. Happy Colors also includes three fun games that enable your child to apply what he or she learned during the interactive learning sessions.

Our apps are designed to stimulate your child's mind and develop memory, which will help intellectual development in future years. 

The app is loaded with educational videos that support learning in different languages. We hope your child enjoys it! 


  • Your child will learn the Shapes in English and Spanish.

  • They will learn languages by playing games.

  • Your child will learn to classify and use logical thinking.

  • Children will feel motivated to continue learning by getting pictures of his/her accomplishments.

  • Your child will improve his/her eye-hand coordination skills.

  • Keep track of your child’s improvement.

  • Watch educational videos.